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          These Treatments Will Have You Bright Eyed and Baby Smooth for Your Wedding Day

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          These Treatments Will Have You Bright Eyed and Baby Smooth for Your Wedding Day

          Written by Alison McGill, Wedding Expert at The Kit Magazine

          We've found two great secrets to illuminated eyes and skin

          Looking well-rested and luminous is a beauty goal every day, but never more so than your big day, when all eyes are on you. You’re doing all the right things—drinking tons of water, getting quality sleep, eating right, getting regular facials, and have stacked your skincare regime with the best de-puffing and glow-getting essentials. And yet, you still feel you look…tired.

          Sound familiar? The good news is there are two simple, non-invasive, injectable ‘tweakments’ that are specifically designed to add sparkle to your eyes and to re-texturize your skin. Read on for the details.


          Brighter eyes

          Restylane first entered the dermal filler game in 1996 and is an innovator in the world of hyaluronic acid fillers. The brand’s latest introduction, Eyelight, is an injectable created specifically for the delicate under-eye area that remedies the look of tired eyes by gently filling under-eye hollowing, which happens due to a lack of volume in the area.

          I recently visited Toronto dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett at DLK on Avenue to learn more about this new filler and what makes it an effective choice for treating tired eyes. “This is the first injectable dermal filler that has been approved and designed specifically for the tear trough area,” says Kellett. “This is the area under the eyes that often looks drawn due to a hollowness there; with that comes the illusion of a groove, which can appear as a shadowy area on the face.”


          Kellett says what’s different about Eyelight than other hyaluronic acid fillers is that it has a very stable composition, which means it stays precisely where it’s placed. “It does not migrate and stays right on top of the bone where it’s injected underneath the eye,” she explains.

          The treatment itself is quick, minimally uncomfortable and you can almost immediately notice the fill-in effect. In the days after, you may also experience some bruising, which Kellett says is common—for most patients it clears up completely in a week and is easily concealed. The product can also take a little time to settle, so if you are looking to do this in advance of your wedding, book it at least one month out. Kellett also says this filler can help with the appearance of darkness and can be helpful with under-eye puffiness. Results last up to one year and an Eyelight treatment at DLK on Avenue is priced from $1,200.


          Glowier skin

          “Retexturizing” is a buzzy term in the skincare world, and in the high-tech world of cosmetic dermatology there are many treatments that target uneven skin texture—micro-needling, lasers and microdermabrasion to name a few. These work on the skin’s surface level. If you want a next-level glow-up, consider going a little deeper and pumping your skin with moisture on the inside.

          Skinboosters is another breed of hyaluronic acid filler (also by Restylane) designed to be injected superficially under the skin to improve skin’s elasticity, luminosity, texture and quality. “Micro droplets of product are injected into an area, which then coalesce and form a sheet-like formation under the skin,” explains Kellett. “We are not creating volume, filling lines or folds, we are addressing skin quality.”

          Once injected, this filler naturally integrates into the skin to improve smoothness and hydration (Kellett says it aids in drawing moisture into the skin). This treatment is recommended in a series of three (pricing starts at $1,200 per boost), done one month apart, to reach maximum efficacy, and results will last upwards of one year. It’s designed to be used on the lower face, neck and can even be used on the back of hands.

          Dr. Kellett particularly likes to use Skinboosters on patients who have a lot of acne scarring in and around the chin area. Bumpy, orange-peel-texture skin on my chin from years of hormonal breakouts has always been a huge skin-quality issue for me, and I have tried all manner of medical aesthetic modalities to improve it. After two hits of Skinboosters, I was seriously wowed by the results. My skin texture completely transformed and refreshed. The treatment took less than 10 minutes and there was a tiny bit of swelling afterwards, which was only apparent to me. Glass skin goals *finally* achieved—I would recommend this as an essential for pumping up your wedding day skin.

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