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          La Petite Noob: Cosmetic Enhancement Q&A - February 6, 2019

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          (Excerpt) I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Dr. Kellett in the gorgeous DLK on Avenue, a state-of-the-art skincare facility located in beautiful Yorkville. After being offered water, I was promptly whisked away by DLK on Avenue's manager George and graciously offered a seat in a private waiting area to speak with Dr. Kellett. I was armed with questions relating to cosmetic enhancements; a number of my own, and those that I had collected with I had asked about questions through my Instagram story.

          Our conversation started much like a typical consultation for treatment would begin for cosmetic enhancements and skincare options. Dr. Kellett went through my intake form, and made sure to get an overall idea of my general health before proceeding with the consultation. Health, after all, does come into play when considering any sort of cosmetic enhancements - it is your body.

          I noticed as we continued our conversation into my own goals for my overall appearance, Dr. Kellett steered the conversation to ask questions based around how I would like to feel - less tired, fresher, more youthful- not just any insecurities that I would like to address. This helps to place my trust in my doctor, so that they can work with their expertise to help me achieve my overall goals in the consultation. And of course I had to ask before beginning my interview if any procedure I was interested in would make me look like a different person.  This is where Dr. Kellett's philosophy and work differ from traditional injectables:  "It should be imperceptible - you should just look a lot fresher. If it's done well, nobody will be able to tell where I injected."

          Here's a selection of frequently asked questions relating to cosmetic enhancements, injectables and skincare with Dr. Lisa Kellett's expert answers.

          How long do wrinkle reducing fillers last? What happens to wrinkle reducing filler after it's run it's course in your body?
          Wrinkle reducing fillers lasts between 3 and 4 months. It's broken down in your muscular junction and it's metabolized there. It's just gone after it's run its course.

          What about other fillers? What are Juvederm fillers for, how long do dermal fillers last, and what happens once it's run it's course in your body?
          Juvederm fillers are completely different. They are hyaluronic acids. The hyaluronic acids that are in fillers are synthetic versions of the hyaluronic acids that are naturally found in your skin already. That's why it integrates so well in your tissue, since you already have the same substance in your body - you make it there. We actually know that the simple action of injecting hyaluronic acid will stimulate your own collagen. If you look at a before-and-after photo after all fillers have dissipated, you will be better off than if you had done nothing because you start to produce your own collagen. It's very interesting!

          In your experience, to achieve the best results, what sorts of questions should individuals ask injectors? Should people be area-specific, or should they discuss what their overall goals are?
          I would start with overall goals because oftentimes individuals come in for consultations and don't know what they need. They know what they see in the mirror, they know that they might look tired or that they want to be more refreshed, or that they have some fine lines. They often don't know how to get there, how to achieve a look that addresses their main concerns. So when an individual expresses their overall goals for what they want to achieve, but then mention a specific area of concern, that may not address their overall goal. I like to find out what bothers people the most first, and go from there. Start with people's chief area of concern, what brings them into the office - but then have a plan to achieve their overall goal.

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