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Chronicle of Cosmetic Medicine + Surgery, Summer 2017


What’s new in cosmetic skin care products?

By Louise Gagnon

Convenience in non-prescription skin care products is vital to enhance compliance.  Interestingly, Vitamin C and Vitamin A are now available in liquids and offer an alternative to the application of a cream, explained Dr. Lisa Kellett, a dermatologist and medical director at DLK on Avenue in Toronto.

“You can now use a liquid formulation that you can titrate,” said Dr. Kellett.  “Because [liquid formulation] is titratable, there is more compliance with the [liquid formulation].  The [liquid formulation] seems to be better tolerated.”

Vitamin A and Vitamin C can be irritating to the skin, particularly in a climate where humidity is reduced, so being able to deliver these antioxidants in a liquid formulation can minimize the irritation, added Dr. Kellett.


DLK on Avenue