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Coveteur: Diamond Peel - June 2015:

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Is $1000+ Face Cream Really Worth It?

Why you should consider making gold, platinum and diamonds part of your skincare routine.



By now, chances are you’ve heard or tried microdermabrasion. Y'know, it’s that little diamond tipped suction-y pen that sandblasts away your post-apocalyptic winter dry skin. But a diamond peel? Let’s just say, it’s an evolution of sorts. The diamond peel treatment is similar to microdermabrasion in the sense that it gently removes the outer layer of skin, but its diamond tip (no loose particles like microderm treatments) is way more effective on delicate areas like under the eyes. In addition to being a great way to remove dead skin cells, diamond peels “stimulates collagen production and by shedding dead skin cells, allows topical products to get deep into the skin,” explains dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett, a specialist in diamond facials. Plus, the peel is great for targeting adult acne (yeah, we feel you) and the dark spots it leaves behind.

- Originally from Coveteur -

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