DLK’s Guide on Body Contouring: How Long Do Results Last?

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          Given the growing influence of social media, it's hardly unexpected that non-invasive body contouring has become a popular subject. The rising prominence of celebrity endorsements, influential aestheticians, and beauty gurus has brought even more attention to body contouring. With our clinic's extensive knowledge in this area, we trust that you will find this article valuable! 

          At DLK, we are known as Canada’s premiere state-of-the-art skin care clinic located in the heart of Toronto. There is nothing more important to us than serving our patients with the utmost quality of care with safe and effective treatments. 

          In this article, we will touch on frequently asked questions about body contouring, one of which is - how long do results last? We know that considering your first body contouring treatment is not an easy feat, so we are here to guide you through this important process! 

          How Does Body Contouring Really Work?  

          With this rise in popularity, there are now a variety of body contouring treatments available in medical aesthetic clinics. Most non-surgical treatments are non-invasive, using either heat or freezing temperatures to permanently remove fat cells. 

          Treatments using heat energy rely on hyperthermic adipocyte destruction. This technique is the process of heating subcutaneous fat cells at a high temperature to cause them to break down and be eliminated by the body. Adipocytes are fat cells, and hyperthermic refers to the application of heat.   

          How Does Emsculpt NEO Work as a Body Contouring Treatment? 

          Emsculpt NEO is changing the way we think about body contouring. In the last couple of years, Emsculpt has been picking up steam on social media and popular beauty editorials due to its revolutionary technology- HIFEM, which stands for High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic energy.  

          The device delivers electromagnetic energy to the muscles in the targeted area, causing the muscles to contract and release rapidly. These contractions are far more intense than what can be achieved through exercise, leading to increased muscle strength, tone, and mass.  

          The NEO sets itself apart from the original Emsculpt by offering an impressive 2-in-1 treatment. Unlike its predecessor, it not only tones muscles but also effectively reduces fat. 

          Emsculpt NEO delivers the toning equivalent of 20,000 crunches in just a single 45-minute session! This can reduce fat cells by 30% and increase muscle strength by 25% after completing a series of 4 sessions. This technology can also be beneficial therapeutically, including pain management and muscle rehabilitation. 

          "My goal was not exclusively fat loss and muscle gain, it was to kickstart muscle stimulation and increase my overall strength and stamina, which I noticed immediately.  I wanted to feel and function better, which the Emsculpt NEO treatment has helped me achieve.”  

          – H, (DLK patient) 

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          How Long Do Emsculpt NEO Results Last?  

          So, here's the deal with body contouring results: they can last a long time, but it all depends on your lifestyle and the treatment that you have received. 

          With Emsculpt NEO specifically, the treatment is equivalent to consistent trips to the gym plus permanent fat reduction. After a series of sessions, the increase in muscles will last 6 months or longer, with optimal results visible 2-4 weeks after the series.  

          However, fat melted during these treatments is permanently destroyed and eliminated naturally by the body over the course of the following weeks. 

          It’s important to do your homework to learn how to maintain these results: continue being active and include weightlifting in your routine, eat a healthy diet, quit smoking, avoid overconsumption of alcohol, and consider a follow-up treatment. 

          Body contouring can be a great way to kickstart a healthy lifestyle, to feel strong and empowered, or to finally reach your body goals. Wherever you are on that journey, we are more than happy to assist you!  

          What Else Can You Expect from Emsculpt NEO? 

          It is not a weight loss program 

          Emsculpt NEO targets localized subcutaneous fat, a type of fat that is reflected in physical volume and appearance, rather than a number on the scale. This treatment is a great option if you are close to your ideal weight but would like a bit more help or to improve your muscle strength. 

          Emsculpt NEO is a breezy treatment 

          During the treatment, your body contouring specialist will attach an applicator to the target area and the electromagnetic waves will start contracting. The session will last for 45 minutes or less. Feel free to bring a book to read during the treatment, but it will be done before you know it! 

          Some preparation is required 

          It’s essential to get clearance from your family doctor or GP to ensure there are no contraindications to this treatment. Also, be mindful of taking anti-inflammatory or blood-thinning drugs as this will affect your progress.  

          Rest assured that our treatment providers will go over your medical history before any treatment, however, it’s always best to consult your family doctor.  

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          If you're looking to feel amazing and confident in your skin, body contouring could be the way to go!  

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          With that said, it's not a one-size-fits-all solution, so it's important to figure out if it's right for you. The good news is that our team of experts at DLK can help you create a personalized treatment plan exclusive to your goals and needs. 

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