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Elevate Magazine: Emervel | July/August 2016 |

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On May 4, Elevate hosted 150 readers alongside industry insiders at the Four Seasons Hotel Toronto for a glamorous evening of cocktails and expert conversation on cosmetic enhancement and beauty.

Refresh and rejuvenate

How Emervel can help you look and feel your best.

The main focus of our panel for the evening was anti-aging and how to prevent, correct and treat telltale signs of aging so that the way we look on the outside reflects how young we feel on the inside.  Facial aging, in particular, was a hot topic, with many guests asking questions and sharing personal questions and sharing personal concerns with Dr. Lisa Kellett, M.D., F.R.C.P.C., D.A.B.D. of DLK On Avenue.

Dr. Kellett touched on some newer technology and developments in facial fillers: “One of the newest things in filler technology comes from the Restylane family, and it’s called Optimal Balance Technology,” she explains.  “This group of fillers enables the practitioner to tailor the gel texture to the facial tissue, so in essence you’re able to tailor that particular filler to what you want your end result to be.”  Being able to customize treatment is great for patients, and a through consultation helps to bridge a patient’s expectations with the capabilities of the fillers: “I think that the first, most important step is a proper consultation,” explains Dr. Kellett.  “We’re physicians first, and it’s a consultative process.”

The importance of having such precision in injectables is a natural-looking end result.  “The latest trends in facial aesthetics include a more natural look,” explains Dr. Kellett.  “Historically, when we were doing injectable fillers, we looked for more filling - and volume was very obvious.  Now, patients want a very natural look.  They want to look fresher, but they still want to look like themselves.”

To achieve this subtle, graceful look, Dr. Kellett uses a facial filler called Emervel.  “Emervel is a hyaluronic acid filler, and it can be injected deeply or superficially, depending on the treatment,” explains Dr. Kellett.  “Emervel is different because it has a very broad range of fillers, and you can look at what the facial tissue is, the depth of the tissue and what your goal of treatment is, whether it’s softening or producing volume. Based on this criteria, you can choose the most appropriate filler for the look you want to achieve.”

Emervel causes relatively little swelling, so practitioners can see their work as they’re injecting to keep that natural look.  “With Emervel, you have less swelling, so patients can go back to the office afterwards,” explains Dr. Kellett.  “The idea is to have a little bit of volume, and you can add more later. You want to make sure that the proportions are correct, and it’s nice to use something that doesn’t have too much swelling.”  Results from the Emervel fillers are immediate, so both practitioners and patients can see the desired shape right away, which makes this treatment very sought after. Emervel fillers can last up to 18 months, so patients are extremely happy with the outcomes.

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