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          Emervel Lips: ELEVATE Magazine, Nov/Dec 2015

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          Emervel Lips, a new hyaluronic acid lip filler, gives you a natural looking pout.

          When it comes to lip injections ducklips are the biggest deterrant. We spoke to Dr. Lisa Kellett, MD, FRCPC, dermatologist at DLK on Avenue, who was able to reassure us that the new Emervel Lips, a hyaluronic acid filler specifically for the lips, provides women with voluminous lips without the quack factor.

          Emervel Lips is part of the Emervel family of products, which includes Classic, Deep and Volume and is used on different areas of the face. As a lip filler, Dr. Kellett likes it because “it has a more favourable side-effects profile and patients like it because it give them natural-looking lips,” she says.

          SIDE EFFECTS - Some swelling, puffiness and bruising that last for about two to three days.

          RESULTS - Emervel Lips last for about one year.

          COST - $600 and up, depending on how much you use. The amount of Emervel Lips used depends on if the lip requires more definition on the vermillion border of it the goal is to provide more volume overall. If you are thinking of getting your lips enhanced with Emervel Lips in time for the holiday season or as a gift to yourself, here are a few things to think about:

          1. Plan ahead “If you want to look great at a party, get your lips done two weeks before, not just because of bruising and swelling but also due to the anxiety factor,” says Dr. Kellett. “You won’t have to worry about worrying about it.” Plus, by the second week, you’ll become accustomed to your new look, so you can flaunt those new lips with confidence.

          2. Avoid duck lips! The art of lip enhancement is very precise. “The lip has to be perfect,” says Dr. Kellett, “which means I take into account the size ratio of the upper lip to the lower lip and also consider the projection of the lip. You can’t over-project the top of the lip. If you do, then you will have duck lips,” which is unattractive and unnatural.

          3. Get lips made for you!
          The goal of lip enhancement for Dr. Kellett is to “provide lips that fit the person.” Lovely lips on someone else might not work on your face! You wouldn’t buy a skirt that looks good on the hanger but bad on your body when you try it on, so why try that with your lips? - AD

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