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          The Marilyn Denis Show – Great Ways to Get Great Skin: May 11, 2016

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          Dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett talks about top secret procedures.

          1) Simple smile makeover
          What is it: When some people smile, their gums may appear large and more visible. Others may smile aggressively, and have their lips diminish or get thinned. According to some experts, the 'ideal smile' sees the upper lip actually eclipse the top of the upper teeth, with only a few millimeters of gum showing. In the past, surgery was the main treatment option, but it was costly and could be painful with downtime. Injection treatments are safe, fast and effective and can last for up six months.
          Treatment(s): To get rid of a gummy smile, neuromodulators such as Botox can be injected into the area just beneath the nostrils to affect the hyperactive muscles, thus reducing gum show.
          Cost: Starting at $200

          2) Handy work
          What is it: Just like on your face, loss of skin volume is the main sign of aging in your hands. As a result, veins and tendons are more visible. If not maintained properly, the skin in this area can be a direct indication of your age.
          Treatment(s): Injectable filler for the hands works by immediately restoring volume to smooth out the signs of aging. Once injected, it works with your body to stimulate the production of your own natural collagen. The treatment improves the appearance of the skin by minimizing lines, folds and restoring lost volume. Treatments take approximately 30 minutes and results are immediate. Injectable filler is formulated with a local anesthetic to ensure a gentle and comfortable injection experience.
          Cost: Starting at $800

          3) Jaw Recontouring
          What are they:
          Masseteric hypertrophy is a condition that results in the look of a square jaw line. This condition is most bothersome to females, and is prevalent in the Asian community. It is also common in people who grind their teeth at night.
          Treatment(s): Botox can be used by skilled injectors to minimize the look of a square, masculine jaw. The use of Botox works to relax the muscles. In the case of overworked masseter muscles, this relaxing effect can create a dramatic, more feminine, contouring effect that can be seen in as little as a month.
          Cost: Starting at $800

          4) Diminish the Double-chin
          What is it: The “double chin,” is a common yet undertreated facial concern for many adults. This excess fat affects both women and men and is influenced by several factors such as aging, genetics and weight gain. Furthermore, this condition is often resistant to diet and exercise.
          Treatment(s): Until recently only surgical options for treatment were available. However, a new non-surgical treatment is now available. BELKYRA™ is a new Health Canada-approved injectable treatment that can reduce “double chin” fat and contour the chin area. BELKYRA™ is injecteddirectly into the area and its naturally-occurring molecules help to breakdown fat. This treatment is done by specialist physicians.
          Cost: Starting at $1200

          5) Liquid lift the neck
          What is it: As the skin matures it begins to show the effects of collagen depletion – which can occur from sun exposure, hormonal changes and aging. Over time, the skin loses structure with a decrease in collagen, resulting in fine lines, wrinkles, loss of fullness and elasticity.
          Treatment(s): Juvederms treatment is ideal for patients interested in long-term improvement. The treatment consists of small injections using a fine needle and takes approximately 30-40 minutes. Results are immediate with minimal recovery.
          Cost: Starting at $600

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