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        I’ll Admit It: I Was SO Ready to Buy Kylie’s Skincare Line

        (Excerpt) Everyone’s going ~nuts~ for the moguls latest walnut face scrub—but we should be asking some serious questions

        Shortly after her announcement, Jenner faced backlash. While this is inevitable when it comes to the KarJenners, this time the backlash was pretty warranted. A lot of people took issue with Jenner’s walnut face scrub in particular—and it’s not because they hate walnuts (or “fine walnut powder”—one of the main ingredients). While Jenner says her scrub is “gentle yet very effective,” “buffs away your dead skin cells,” and that she herself swears by it, using it two to three times a week, Twitter users called out the makeup mama for using walnuts at all—alleging that they can cause micro tears in your skin, especially when used every day.

        And, for once, the internet is right. According to Dr. Lisa Kellett, a dermatologist at Toronto’s DLK on Avenue, walnut powder *can* be an irritant, depending on your skin type. “Those particles in [walnut powder] can be irritating for many skin types, so it really depends on the individual and also what you need at that moment in time,” she says. Especially because some skincare lovers may have underlying issues or skin diseases like eczema, she says, skin issues that can preclude them from using certain products. “[…So] it might not be appropriate for many people,” she says.

        PS, walnuts and skincare may sound familiar to longtime beauty buffs. That’s because in 2016, everyone’s fave accessible beauty biz—St. Ives, duh—was embroiled in a class action lawsuit filed by two women who claimed their product, which included walnut shells, caused irritation and accelerated the aging process.

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