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          The Marilyn Denis Show - Skin Hydration, January 21, 2015

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          Plump, Smooth and Wrinkle Free

          Skin needs plenty of moisture to remain plump, smooth and wrinkle free. Dermatologist, Dr. Lisa Kellett, shares a few simple ways to boost your skins hydration, as well as the products to do the job.

          Hydrating Dry Feet
          The process works by keeping the moisturizer in direct contact with the dry skin.


          1. After a shower or bath loofah your wet skin
          2. Slather on a layer of petroleum jelly
          3. Wrap feet in saran wrap and cover with cotton socks
          4. Go to bed and wake up with the softest of soles

          Do these three things to improve your skin:

          Use sun protection every day!
          In addition to your face apply it down your neck and onto the backs of your hands which are often exposed

          Use Vitamin A
          Every night add a drop to your moisturizer to improve fine lines.

          Use Vitamin C
          Add a drop to your moisturizer every morning to improve the look of brown spots. Serums of a 20% or higher concentration are best.

          Add Water
          Apply your cream onto wet skin, if extremely dry, it increases absorption.

          Always remember to drink lots of water and protect exposed skin from the cold.

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