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        ELLE Canada: Switching to natural makeup - October 29 2018

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        Yes, it can last all day. Here’s how.

        Natural makeup has come a looooong way. Back in the day, these formulas used to be more about eliminating synthetic ingredients and less about efficacy. (Hands up if your mineral foundation used to wear off by noon every day. Same.)

        The new generation, led by brands like Australian line Nude by Nature, delivers all-natural formulas that actually last. How? By replacing parabens with natural preservatives; potentially irritating talc and bismuth oxychloride with soothing and oil-absorbing kaolin clay; and silicones with ingredients like bamboo powder, nourishing jojoba oil and shea butter. “Thanks to advances in research, you can get good coverage, you get great colour, you get sexy lips and beautiful eyes—you can do all those things with natural pigments,” says Clint Dowdell, global brand ambassador for Nude by Nature.

        Of course, how you apply your makeup will also ensure that your look lasts through lunch, dinner and drinks. Regular exfoliation is key, says Dr. Lisa Kellett, a dermatologist from the Toronto-based practice DLK on Avenue. “Your makeup goes on better if you exfoliate,” she says. “If you decrease the rate at which your skin turns over, you’re going to have flaky skin. When your put your makeup on, it won’t look as good.”

        After you apply moisturizer and sunscreen, Dowdell recommends that you use a primer, like Nude by Nature Perfecting Primer. “Moisturizer sinks into the skin, whereas primer sits on top, creating a layer for the foundation to hold on to instead of being actually absorbed by thirsty skin,” he says. “That’s key during Canadian winters.”

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