What is Thermage: DLK’s Guide to Skin Tightening

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        TL;DR: Thermage, endorsed by both the FDA and Health Canada, is a non-invasive procedure employing radiofrequency technology to promote skin tightening. In addition to adhering to post-treatment guidelines, achieving and sustaining the most favorable Thermage results demands a more comprehensive approach, as elaborated in this article.

        **Take note that this blog is purely for educational purposes and is based on treatments offered at DLK. During your consultation, you can get more personalized details and further clarification.



        As we age, our bodies undergo inevitable changes, including our skin – the body’s largest organ.

        Over time, our skin adapts to a new rhythm, often revealing the telltale signs of aging, like fine lines and wrinkles. This occurs as our natural collagen production gradually diminishes or becomes impaired, leading to a loss of skin firmness and increased laxity. It’s important to remember that skin laxity can be linked to other conditions as well, such as significant weight loss.

        While we wholeheartedly embrace the natural process of aging as a positive journey, it’s equally important to look and feel our best along the way. This not only bolsters self-confidence but also enhances our mental well-being and overall life satisfaction.

        At DLK, located in Toronto, Ontario, our experience using Thermage CPT has proven that it’s not only a safe and effective skin tightening option but a valuable solution for addressing concerns such as textural irregularities.

        In this blog post, we’ll answer your Thermage-related questions, such as “what is Thermage?” and what to expect after your Thermage treatment.

        Let’s dive in.

        What is Thermage?


        thermage toronto deviceThermage device in use


        Thermage is a non-invasive treatment that harnesses the power of radiofrequency technology to stimulate collagen production for smoother, tighter and younger-looking skin.

        Initially approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2002, Thermage has remained a cornerstone of non-surgical skin tightening procedures. Thermage is an excellent choice for those who prefer non-surgical options and shorter recovery periods.

        While its primary purpose is skin tightening, Thermage also offers benefits for improving skin texture. So how does Thermage work?


        How Does Thermage Work?

        Thermage achieves skin tightening by using radiofrequency technology. While there’s an entire science behind radiofrequency, here’s a simplified explanation:


        1. As the Thermage device is applied to the skin, it emits controlled heat energy directed toward the deeper skin layers where there’s abundant collagen.
        2. This causes the existing collagen fibers to tighten instantly, resulting in an immediate firming effect on your skin.
        3. Subsequently, this process triggers a natural healing response, further stimulating the production of new collagen and elastin.


        This combination of instant firming and gradual collagen regeneration ensures that your results are effective and have a lasting impact.

        In addition, Thermage is a safe and effective choice for individuals with all Fitzpatrick skin types.


        What is Thermage Used For?


        what is thermageBefore and After: Thermage in Jawline



        Thermage offers treatment options for various face and body areas, including the chest, arms, abdomen, and even knees.

        Thermage has been found to provide benefits in the following:

        • Skin tightening
        • Wrinkle and fine-line reduction
        • Jawline definition
        • Overall skin texture


        In addition, the most common areas of the body to be treated include:

        • Face
        • Neck
        • Abdomen
        • Arms
        • Knees
        • Buttocks
        • Hips and Waist


        This information is provided solely for educational purposes. Your customized treatment plan will depend on various factors, including your current skin concerns and your overall goals and health.

        During your consultation, our team of medical professionals will assess your unique needs and provide tailored recommendations to help you achieve your desired outcome.




        How Long Do Thermage Results Last?

        You might notice an immediate, temporary collagen contraction. New collagen synthesis – and therefore skin tightening – develops over the weeks and months following the treatment; results peak at around 6 months and continue for up to 2 years.

        Repeat treatments are recommended approximately every 18-24 months.


        Is Thermage Painful?

        Quick answer: Thermage has a mild discomfort level. To ensure the most comfortable treatment, medication can be given if needed.


        What To Do Before Thermage Treatment?

        Firstly, note that Thermage may not be suitable in certain situations. For example, it’s not suitable if you use a pacemaker, or have had a skin peel or laser treatment less than 2 weeks prior.

        Some things to help you prepare for treatment include:

        • Make sure to stay well-hydrated prior to, on the day of and immediately after the procedure to optimize results.
        • If you’re taking any medications, discuss these during your consultation.

        You’ll also receive detailed instructions during your consultation.


        What To Do After Thermage Treatment?

        Following your treatment, you may see some swelling and redness at the concerned site. You could also experience sensitivity at the site for a few days. But don’t worry; this is to be expected and will clear up in no time.

        Here are other things to note during the post-treatment phase:

        • Stay well hydrated
        • Be careful not to touch your face too often – gentle washing is perfectly fine
        • Avoid harsh exfoliants or chemical-heavy serums for the first 7 days
        • Change your bed sheets, pillowcases and towels
        • For sleep, we recommend 2 pillows to prop your head up for the first 48 hours following treatment

        Also, follow the exact post-treatment instructions given to you at the time of your consultation because this can be individualized based on factors including your medical history and age.


        Get a Complimentary Consultation at DLK


        If you want more bang for your buck, we’d recommend the combination of Thermage with Threadlift called the DuoLift.

        Our best result so far?


        “A patient in her 40s who had the DuoLift was asked for ID shortly after her Threadlift treatment. Talk about age-defying!”


        Thermage is an incredibly versatile treatment that can be performed year-round. And with minimal downtime, you can return to your regular activities, sometimes even on the same day!

        Whether you’re ready to embark on a full treatment with us or you still have some questions you’d like answered, chat with us to discuss your potential options. Our team of experts will help you make a fully informed decision.

        We’re excited to speak with you soon.


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