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          Feverish News: Collagen Powder - March 15, 2019

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          Hot topic: does collagen powder improve your skin?

          By Michelle Magnan McIvor

          My experience, an expert’s take and the bottom line

          (Excerpt) In case you missed it, collagen powder is having a mega moment. Celebs love it! People I know love it! Would I love it? I mean, I didn’t want to miss out, so I decided to give it a try.

          Before we get to my experience, here’s the quick scoop on naturally occurring collagen: “It’s the most abundant protein in the body,” says Dr. Lisa Kellett, dermatologist with DLK on Avenue in Toronto. “It makes up about 25 to 30 percent of our body’s total protein content.”

          Collagen plays many roles in the body. It’s good for joints, bones, muscles and, what my 39-year-old self is most interested in, skin. As we’ve all heard, collagen production slows as we age, so the idea of mixing an odorless, flavorless collagen powder into my coffee to improve my skin’s appearance sounded pretty good.

          There are many types of collagen powders out there, these days. Most are made from animal parts (and as Dr. Kellett says, you can never quite be sure what you’re getting) or fish scales.

          After a bit of research, I ordered two months’ worth of marine-sourced collagen powder. The company lists the following as benefits of ingesting collagen:

          • Minimize fine lines and deep wrinkles
          • Repair sun damage
          • Increase skin hydration and suppleness
          • Aid in lean muscle gain
          • Reduce joint pain
          • Strengthen hair and nails
          • Maintain bone health

          You can see why I was excited to get going.

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