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The Marilyn Denis Show - Solving Skin Issues: Legs, February 25, 2015

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Cellulite, Spider Veins and More

Dermatologist Dr. Lisa Kellett shares treatment options for common skin issues that appear on the legs.


Cause: cellulite forms depending on how the fat cells are distributed underneath the surface of the skin. When fat pushes against the connective tissue, it causes a dimpled texture. It tends to appear in areas that have more fat cells, such as the buttocks, upper thighs and stomach. There are many causes that play a role in having cellulite (hormones, genetics and lifestyle to name a few) and people of all sizes can suffer from it.
Treatment(s): You can’t eliminate cellulite, but you can make it look better. Synergie treatments break up the fat using a unique vacuum massage technology that slowly breaks up the cellulite cells so the skin is smoother. Another way to reduce dimples is through topical creams that smooth and tighten the top layer of skin. Many cellulite busters include ingredients like caffeine, which is said to temporarily reduce the thickness of fat cells in the skin, and retinol which helps to even out texture and add firmness.
Prevention: There is no prevention or cure. You can, however, make surface improvements by exfoliating before applying your chosen smoothing cream. A good scrub preps the skin to allow active ingredients to perform at their max.
Cost: Treatments $100 and up, creams $20 and up.

Spider veins

Cause: sun damage, in the form of spider veins, smoking, crossing your legs, standing for long periods of time and any blunt trauma to the vein can cause the crisscrossed pattern on your legs.
Treatment(s): Sclerotherapy is a common method where a saline and glucose solution is injected into the vein to clear out the blood. For stubborn veins Lumenis One laser treatments every two to four weeks help.
Prevention: Compression stockings are great prevention, but they are hereditary so for some people there is no prevention.
Cost: Sclerotherapy starting at $250, Lumenis One starts at $495.

Skin laxity

Cause: Skin laxity on the legs is quite common with advancing age, especially around the knee. There is a breakdown in collagen and elastin as the skin ages that leads to looser skin in areas like the knees and thighs.
Treatment(s): Thermage body treatment is helpful in treating this area.
Prevention: There is no way to prevent laxity, but exercise can help increase skin tightness.
Cost: Thermage starts at $3500.

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